Capitec Loans Review




Capitec Loans are personalised credit offered based on your individual credit profile. Personal loan is offered within flexible terms over 84 months. Interest rate from 12%. The interest rate is variable, beginning at 12.9 percent. R250000.00 is the maximum loan amount.


Capitec offers you various benefits when you take out a personal loan with them.

You will get a personalized credit up to R250 000 over a flexible repayment term of 84 months. The loan is provided based on your credit profile and financial needs.

Capitec loans are offered at a competitive interest rate from 12%. Please note that Capitec operates under the compliance of the National Credit Act (NCA).

The NCA regulates how credit providers charge for personal loans. Capitec will never overcharge you, they want to help with anything possible.

Here’s how you can apply

There are a couple of ways you can apply for Capitec loans.

  • You can apply online;
  • Via the mobile app;
  • At the branch (Find your nearest Capitec branch);
  • SMS “CREDIT” to 44773
  • Or alternatively, call 0860 66 77 87 to begin your application

Use the loan calculator to determine the monthly installments that best suits your budget.

As mentioned above, the approval of your loan application is based on several factors.

Interest Rates | Capitec Bank Loans Review

If borrowers are not secure with assets, they generally charge high interest rates due to the risk of not being repaid. For example, if you borrow R25.000 to repay monthly (12 months), then you will be charge between 12.90% and 27.50% interest rate and your repayment will be R2444 to R2661 for each month.

The interest rate for a personal loan depends on your individual credit profile and affordability. You also have an option to choose any term for your loan (up to 84 months) to make your monthly payments more affordable. If you apply as a business owner, you will receive a loan in your own personal capacity, not as a business.

Affordability And Credit Profile

For Capitec Bank loans, the offer you will get for a personal loan depends on several factors such as your banking and credit history, your income and expenses, the stability of your income, the credit amount that you want and the monthly installment that you choose. Also, for credit terms of 7 months or longer, credit insurance is required. To cover death, permanent or temporary disability, unemployment or retrenchment.

On the other hand, while applying for a business loan. As an owner or a member/shareholder/director of a business, your business must be registered as an association not for gain. A close corporation (CC), incorporated (Inc), public (Ltd) or private company (Pty Ltd) earn a monthly salary. Providing a loan to informally self-employed individuals (including freelancers and sole traders) can not be granted.