African Bank Loans Review | Type of Loans

African Bank Loans Review | Type of Loans

African Bank Loans  – You can borrow personal loans up to R250,000 to repay over 7 to 72 months. Fixed repayment options allows you to know the exact amount you need to repay each month.

Offering numerous financial products and services including loans, banking. Also investments, credit cards and insurance.

African Bank is a locally-controlled retail bank with competitive rates and reasonable terms.

African Bank Personal Loans

Whenever you need financing, you can borrow the amount you need from African Bank. Personal Loans  to cover your upcoming or unforeseen expenses including purchasing your dream house or car, improving your home. Additionally;  paying off your medical or education expenses, etc.

Consolidation African Bank Loans

You can combine your multiple smaller debts (up to 5) into one single consolidation loan. Up to R250,000 to be charged a lower interest rate and get one lower payment. A fixed interest rate which will possibly be much lower than your previous multiple interest rates. You will pay less each month and pay off your debt easier and faster.

Repayments term are generally from 12 to 72 months and for one month you have a chance to take a break on your repayment.

The 15% Loan Review

You can borrow up to R50,000 to repay over 12 to 72 months with a fixed interest rate of 15%. Fixed interest rates allow you to know the exact amount you need to pay each month since your repayments will stay the same over the life of the loan so you can budget accurately.

Value Added Deals

Partnered with leading brands, African Bank allows you to add mobile devices you choose to your loan during application with exclusive deals. So, you can get the notebook or mobile phone you have been dreaming of easily.

How To Apply African Bank Loans

Application process of African Bank loans is quite simple: you can apply online, over the phone or by visiting the nearest branch. You also need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documentation including:

  • Proof of income (last 3 salary deposits)
  • Proof of residence (last 3 months)
  • Latest bank statements (reflecting 3 salary deposits)

Things to know about African Bank Loans

  • When you apply for a loan (online, by calling or by visiting the nearest branch), your information will be reviewed and if you found eligible, the loan amount will be deposited directly into your bank account.
  • You need to make your first repayment 7 days after your loan transferred into your bank account. Your other repayments will be made on the first day of the month.
  • There are several ways to make your repayments: setting up a payroll deduction, a debit or stop order or the lender can deduct the money from your account monthly on your paydays.